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    The vision to deliver    


From our founding over 16 years ago to today, our vision at Staines Financial has been the rock from which decisions are made.  Founder and President, Michael L. Staines Jr. wanted to build a firm that would focus on clients first and provide an alternative to cookie cutter, generalized financial planning; where through the development of relationships and knowledge of our clients unique lives and situations, the team at Staines Financial could build confidence, trust, and sound financial plans to help our clients achieve their goals.






Our mission is simple - Deliver results and focus on our clients first


Almost too simple, right?  Anything but, actually.  It's easy to lose track of what's important time to time, to lose the forest through the trees, but not at Staines Financial.  Two guiding mantras keep our compass (and focus) pointed in the right direction: Deliver results and focus on our clients first.  

Our mission allows us to stay focused on the two most important things we commit to our clients, and because of its simplicity, supports our commitment to provide an unsurpassed client experience where our dedicated client relations team is at the ready to support clients, and our team of advisors still get excited to meet at your house, a luncheon, or on a video call.

A natural byproduct of following our mission is also a point of pride at Staines Financial; Our high touch point service, where clients get access to our dedicated team proactively throughout the year, not only when we get a call.  This model has helped our clients build confidence in their financial plans and spend more time on what's important. 





Our values reflect our commitment to you    


Core values are the fundamental beliefs of a person or organization. These guiding principles help companies stay on course by creating an unwavering guide. Corporate values drive business practices as well as overall organizational culture.

The way an organization conducts business is greatly impacted by the company's core values. These values impact what products or services a company offers and how they will conduct business.  At Staines Financial, our core values are seeped into every aspect of how we do business; From your first meeting with one of our advisors, through the many phases of wealth management, our core values will give you confidence through life's milestones. 


Our Core Values:

  • A commitment to quality and service: to acting in our clients' best interests and exceeding expectations through superior service.  Continually stiving to improve our processes and practices to ensure efficient and high-quality service. 

  • A commitment to transparency and accountability; to strive to be proactive in our communications, transparent with our clients regarding financial and investment plans and performance, and to be accountable to our clients for meeting or exceeding their expectations. 

  • A commitment to honesty and building trust; to build trust through open and honest communication with our clients and following our fiduciary obligation to keep our client's best interests first. 




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Check the background of this financial professional on FINRA's BrokerCheck
Check the background of this financial professional on FINRA's BrokerCheck