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The key to unlocking the potential of a solid wealth management plan starts and ends with you but needs the support and expertise of a committed team with the capabilities and willingness to listen.  We will walk you through our time-tested process to build a customized financial program that takes into account not only your financial goals, but rather a plan that takes into account your unique financial past, present, and future.  It's been our experience that taking a holistic approach to your wealth management builds confidence in your decisions so you can focus on what's important, you.


We actively manage your assets from a holistic, “total portfolio” perspective and incorporate your personal goals, liquidity and tax considerations, risk tolerance, and outside interests.




Financial Planning & Wealth Management




Charting a course to build, protect, and transfer your wealth so you can enjoy the financial future you envisioned. 




Critical financial topics we can discuss together include:


Cash flow & budgeting: how to better manage current assets


Investment & Portfolio strategies: how to build and protect your assets


Retirement Planning: how to target asset distribution in an advantaged way


Estate, gift and income taxation: how to preserve your assets and minimize your tax burden


Estate Conservation & Wealth transfer


Personal & Charitable giving


Credit needs & Cash management


Business vs personal financial considerations


Insurance planning and needs



Working with Staines Financial, you will partner with our team to create a comprehensive wealth management plan and build a foundation to help realize your financial goals.




Retirement Planning



Accumulating wealth for retirement so you can reach the shoreline of retirement ready and relaxed.


Like a good vacation, retirement planning takes time to prepare a good plan and setting goals for when you get there. The keys to achieving those goals are planning and preparation. Our process for retirement planning charts a clear path for building wealth aligned to your retirement timelines and covers these important checkpoints:

  • Cashflow Management: assesses your current financial scenario and helps manage how resources are earned, budgeted, and spent.... both before and during retirement.

  • Wealth Accumulation & Investment Management:  helps to chart the most efficient path for reaching your goals for retirement while taking into account other life milestones and prepares for the post retirement pivot.

  • Risk & Tax Management: helps reduce obstacles that can hinder achieving your financial goals by addressing key risk factors in retirement early and proactively.


Working together, we can simplify the complexities of your financial life by managing your wealth in a systematic way for the long term.



Insurance Products


Protect yourself, your loved ones, and your assets against the unexpected.



Insurance is an important part of a wealth management plan and can be a versatile, multi-purpose tool to help manage risk, preserve wealth and ensure our plans for the next generation are preserved.  A large part of financial planning is managing risk, and in many instances incorporating insurance into your financial plan can solidify your portfolio and preserve wealth.



At Staines Financial, we have dedicated insurance advisors with years of experience helping clients manage and incorporate insurance products in their portfolios.  Whether you are evaluating existing coverage or seeking new insurance, Staines Financial is ready to help discuss what options may be beneficial for your current and future needs.  It's important to regularly review your policies and coverages to ensure they reflect what's needed for your unique situation and any changes on the horizon.


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Staines Financial is a Fee-Only Registered Investment Advisor!


Why you should care

When looking for a financial advisory firm, there are many metrics used to judge the quality and competency of the firm and its advisors; services that meet your needs, strategies and values aligned to your own, a good reputation, etc.  Often overlooked however is how the firm will be compensated for services provided and for developing or managing your wealth management plan.  It is here that potential conflicts of interest can arise and it's critical to consider the manner in which he or she takes compensation.  The bottom line is that how compensation is obtained can affect how objective the advice you're receiving is, and the impact that can have on the decisions made for you and your family. For this reason, Staines Financial is committed to serving our clients using a fee-only service structure for all of the advisory services we provide to our clients.  

Please note - insurance products and insurance offerings are not fee only and subject to insurance product fees.

Why Fee-only?

Three common compensation structures often found in the financial industry are:

  • Fee-Only — In this system, a straightforward, flat rate fee based on the number and size of assets that are being managed by the financial advisor or firm, NOT by the number of transactions or products sold.  In this structure the firm receives more compensation when the clients' assets grow, hence the desire to focus on growing client's wealth.

  • Commission-Based — This means that the financial advisor or firm  is compensated for selling financial products such as annuities and insurance or on a "per-transaction" basis (i.e. purchase or sale of an investment).  In this structure, the firm may be compensated whether or not the client's assets grow, hence the potential to focus beyond asset growth.

  • Fee-Based — This is a combination of the first two forms of compensation, where a firm both receives commissions for products and charges a fee for the number of assets managed.


With a fee-only financial advisory firm, both the clients' interests and that of the firm are inherently tied together.


With a fee-only advisor you can be confident in knowing that your best interests are tied to the suggestions and decisions being made for you, your assets, and your family. 


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