Our Investment Philosophy


Since our founding, we’ve been helping clients achieve what’s most important to them using the same foundational philosophies:


Actively manage investments and portfolios with a holistic picture in mind of what's critical to maintain returns while managing ever changing risk landscapes.

Seek quality investments that manage risk and maximize potential returns through not only investment but strategic diversification.

Invest with the client and their goals in mind.  You are in control and our job is to educate and align investment and portfolio choices using your personal financial goals as our guide.



One philosophy for whatever life throws at you



We understand that in today's markets building and preserving wealth requires a dynamic process and high stock market volatility, low bond yields, and archaic 60/40 portfolio rules demand novel approaches to investment management.  At Staines Financial, our advisors are actively managing portfolios and work to make investment decisions with the future in mind.





Risk happens. Take the reins to proactively manage it.


The markets change every day, but your vision for your future probably doesn’t. The same should go for your investment strategy.  Have a team and a plan that will proactively work to keep you on track to achieve your goals. 

Risk mitigation is a crucial component to investing and we focus on addressing volatility using principles of diversification, active investment management, risk-adjusted asset allocation and asset-class investing, as well as various other strategies.




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