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[email protected]

Phone Number

(916) 663-6723

About Me

Janice wants to live in a world with books that come bundled with dark chocolate and almonds, friends with positive attitudes, a good cup of coffee, and looking for wonderful historical vacation destinations.  While her quest continues, she has spent the last “few” years (more than she cares to mention) measuring her success buy the impressive collections filling her library, the balanced smell of a perfect brew in the morning, and the memories of laughs from well spent evenings gone by with friends.  Her greatest successes, and of which she is most proud of, is being mother to the most amazing of daughters and having an amazingly overflowing extended family to spend time with.

With a degree in business management, it’s not all play for Janice.  She has decades of experience in both public and private sectors and roles ranging from data entry to senior management that give her a unique perspective on what it takes to run a business, thwart potential pitfalls proactively, and build best practices, teams, and capabilities to drive success.  With a focus on Operations, Janice supports myriad aspects of business and office operations at Staines Financials’ headquarters in Roseville CA.  In this role, Janice further supports the Vice President and President with strategic implementation and driving operational discipline and processes across the company.